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May 27, 2021

While this week's guest to the Glass and Out Podcast may not have the most obvious ties to the game of hockey, you could argue that he has had one of the most significant influences on the shift that has seen coaches prioritize creating a positive and inclusive team culture. James Kerr is a high performance consultant to some of the world’s top organizations, but is most often recognized as the author of the bestselling book Legacy. The book details the culture and behaviour that has resulted in the New Zealand All Blacks, his country's national rugby team, becoming arguably the most successful professional sports team of all time. Ask a professional or aspiring coach what book they would recommend when it comes to culture and leadership and you'll often hear Legacy referenced. It has become a bit of a handbook for many high level hockey coaches. It's a must-read for for any coach looking to become a better leader. The book provides clearly defined objectives that coaches of all levels can implement if they are willing to put the time in and open to empowering others to lead. As a consultant, Kerr specializes in defining, designing, and delivering change for leaders of world-class teams and organizations. His corporate clients include HSBC, UBS, Boeing, and Shell, to name a few. On the sporting side, he’s worked with UEFA (the Union of European Football Association), the Australian Kangaroos, Adidas, and most recently, Leicester City Football Club. Leicester recently captured the FA Cup, an incredible feat for a small market team in the English Premier League. In this week's episode, find out about Kerr's building blocks for creating a high performing culture, why humility is a common trait amongst great leaders, and why story telling is an integral coaching tool.